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Design Your Style

Jewelry is a finishing touch. Whether a hint of sparkle or the drama of a signature piece, it accents your look.

When you have an endless variety of designs at your fingertips, you can customize your fashion accessories – just choose the pieces you love to create jewelry that is uniquely yours.

With the Butterflyze collection, designing your style is as simple as: Select, Set, Spin!


  1. Select:

    – Choose the ring band in the finish of your choice

    – Shop an endless variety of ring bases to frame your design

    – Add a décor piece for some flair

    – Find a stunning pin to hold everything together

  2. Set:

    On top of the ring band:

    • Place your base
    • Layer your décor piece on top of the base
    • Insert the pin straight through the décor and base into the slot in the ring band
  3. Spin:

    – When the pin’s peg is lined up with the ring band’s slot, push the pin into the ring. Turn the pin clockwise until it stops turning and voilà! You’ve assembled your one-of-a-kind piece!

Necklaces and Pendants

You’ll enjoy the same exceptional array with our necklaces and pendants. First, choose your style and finish. Then embellish it with a base, décor, and a stunning pin to connect it together.

Mix, Match, Dazzle. A single ring band or necklace is your palette; your creativity adds the splash!

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